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I enjoy thinking about and choosing the best tools to answer questions and am excited to bring my methodological toolkit and research skills to your project. 

My research approach is guided by a passion for community-engaged qualitative research and a commitment to participants' wellbeing.


For the past twelve years, I have developed deep expertise in many research methods. In my own work, I have focused on qualitative methods including ethnography, interviewing, and archival research. For my dissertation, this included creative, rapid, and strategic thinking about data collection to mitigate risk during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. I also immersed myself in participant and direct observation, and analyzed existing oral histories. Additionally, I am adept at mixed methods research design and multivariate regression analysis.

Drawing upon this extensive experience, I can guide your team's research efforts through trainings, consultations, and protocol creation. Alternatively, I can serve as a contract researcher for specific projects.

Potential services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Focus groups

  • Interviews (including sensitive subjects)

  • Oral histories

  • Survey design and administration

  • Place-based community research

  • Research design

  • Literature reviews

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