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I’m an editor, ethnographer, and project manager currently based in New York City. 

I received my PhD in Political Science from Yale University in May 2023. My research interests include the memorialization of state violence; the role of civil society, state institutions, and transitional justice in the memorialization process; Latin American politics; race and U.S. politics; and qualitative research methods. I received my BA from the University of Washington, where I learned quantitative methods as an Undergraduate Research Fellow at the Center for American Politics and Public Policy. 

Outside of my academic work, I serve as a Writing Fellow at Yale's Graduate Writing Lab, where I conduct individualized writing consultations and organize events such as panels and writing retreats. I also developed a citywide mural tour for New Haven's Department of Arts, Culture, and Tourism through Yale's President's Public Service Fellowship. In my free time, I love to make perfume, lift weights, and spend time with my wonderful dog, Didi.

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